Branding Value of Promotional Products

Branding is critical for every business no matter the size. However, without a pro marketing department, figuring out what branding really means can be an obstacle. Branding is a key role in any marketing strategy and is how consumers quickly identify your company. This can be done via a logo, sign, symbol, design or anything else that the public sees.

The truth is if you’re not consciously branding, you’re engaging in negative marketing. When a well-known company has a branding overhaul, there’s always some resistance even if the changes are good. We’re all creatures of habit and are most comfortable (ahem, more likely to buy) with what we know and recognize.

Now Isn’t the Time to Switch Things Up

Imprinted promotional products can be a great tool, but many people become enamored with designing them. Use your creativity in choosing the promotional product, not in changing up your logo, font or color. Even something as seemingly minor as switching Arial for Times can turn off customers. We know how frustrating this can be.

You’ve picked the perfect product but you have to stick with the “same old” design. Don’t think of it this way. Initially designing, perfecting and then spreading your company’s name takes talent, time and ambition. If you do think your image could use an overhaul, consult with your marketing department or a professional marketing company first.

The branding value of promotional products is great, especially if you’re choosing a product for a trade show or special event. You want your products instantly recognizable. Ideally, you’re choosing products that people will use daily – and be reminded of your company with every use. When you’re fitting seamlessly into your customer’s life with that recognizable design, you’re golden.

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